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Publishing Policies

Publishing policies to share them with others has never been easier than with jsPolicy. As a policy author, you have the following options to make a policy available for others:

  1. Share a JsPolicy YAML file ready to be applied with kubectl apply -f policy.yaml
  2. Share a JsPolicy + JsPolicyBundle YAML file combo ready to be applied with kubectl apply -f policy.bundle.yaml -f policy.yaml
  3. Publish an npm package containing utility functions or entire policy implementations that others can require/import and easily execute inside the spec.javascript field of their JsPolicy objects or in any other policy-related code that will be compiled to a JsPolicyBundle later on
Contribute To The Policy Catalog

On this documentation site, we are maintaining a Policy Catalog with ready-to-use policies and policy logic. Open a pull-request on GitHub to add a policy that you want to contribute to the policy catalog.