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update() Function

The update() function allows you to update any object within the Kubernetes cluster. update() takes parameters in the form of update(newObject). JsPolicy will then try to update the object in the cluster and return the updated object or an error if the update has failed.


kind: JsPolicy
name: "update.resource.example"
operations: ["CREATE"]
resources: ["pods"]
javascript: |
// update() is able to update any resource in the kubernetes cluster
// update() takes parameters in the form of (newObject)
// this will update the namespace and set the amount of pods in the namespace annotations
const namespace = get("Namespace", "v1", request.namespace);
const pods = list("Pod", "v1", {namespace: request.namespace});
// set annotation
namespace.metadata.annotations = {...namespace.metadata.annotations, "pods-count": `${pods.length + 1}`};
const result = update(namespace);
if (!result.ok) {
// check for a specific error type
if (result.reason === "Conflict") {
warn(`Change conflicted with another change to the namespace`);
} else {
warn(`Error updating Namespace (Reason ${result.reason}): ${result.message}`);
} else {
print("Updated Namespace", result.object);