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deny() Function

The deny() function denies a request immediately and halts execution. You can specify a message, reason and code via the parameters, which will printed to the client. In controller policies, dency() will only log the request to the violations log of a policy.

Deny Behaviour

You can specify what action deny should do by using the spec.violationPolicy in a JsPolicy. Valid options are Deny (default), Warn or Dry


This example shows how deny can be used.

kind: JsPolicy
name: "deny.resource.example"
operations: ["CREATE"]
resources: ["pods"]
javascript: |
// deny kube-system namespace
if (request.namespace === "kube-system") {
deny("No new pod allowed in kube-system");
// deny default namespace with reason and code
if (request.namespace === "default") {
deny("No new pod allowed in default", "BadRequest", 400);