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importing Modules

The import statement can be used to import dependencies that contain certain functionality you want to use within your policy. Dependencies are specified via the spec.dependencies option. JsPolicy will bundle all dependencies including the policy payload into a single minified bundle that is saved as JsPolicyBundle with the same name as the JsPolicy in the cluster.

:::hint You can also import packages from private npm registries by overwriting the ~/.npmrc :::


This example shows how to import loadash into a JsPolicy.

kind: JsPolicy
name: ""
operations: ["CREATE"]
resources: ["pods"]
# Same syntax here as in a package.json
# All commonjs packages in the npm registry are supported
# Internally, jsPolicy will run npm install for these and
# bundle & minify the complete policy with webpack
# To pull packages from a private npm registry
# you will need to override the ~/.npmrc of the
# jspolicy container.
lodash: "^4.17.21"
javascript: |
import _ from 'lodash';
// check if forbidden label set is used
if (_.isEqual(request.object.metadata?.labels, {"my-forbidden-label": "my-forbbiden-value"})) {
deny("forbidden label set encountered"); // ends execution here