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mutate() Function

The mutate() function only works in mutating policies and tells jsPolicy to calculate a patch between the original request.object and the newly passed object. As soon as mutate(changedObj) is called, execution will be stopped. JsPolicy will remember the original request.object, which means you can freely change this object within the policy and call mutate(request.object) afterwards. If the passed object and the original object do not have any differences, jsPolicy will do nothing.


kind: JsPolicy
name: ""
type: Mutating
operations: ["CREATE", "UPDATE"]
resources: ["pods"]
javascript: |
// This policy will set a required annotation on a pod during CREATE or UPDATE
if (request.object.metadata.annotations?.["required-annotation"] !== "is-required") {
// set annotation required-annotation=is-required
request.object.metadata.annotations = {...request.object.metadata.annotations, 'required-annotation': 'is-required'};
// tell jspolicy to calc the patch and exit
// if execution reaches here, request is allowed and nothing happens